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NOVA Invention Pre-Disclosure Form





  1. This form is the basis for starting the invention disclosure process, serving as a pre-disclosure to NOVA’s services. For a complete disclosure, the Invention Disclosure Form will need to be fully filled out.
  2. Before starting the disclosure process, you are advised to read the following documents:
  3. The term “technology” is broadly defined in this document to include technical innovations and inventions.
  4. If you need assistance to complete the form do not hesitate to contact us at the NOVA Impact Office (
  5. Please note that the decision-making process (Article 12 of NOVA’s IP policy) only starts officially when all the fields of the Invention Disclosure Form are completed and signed by all inventors/contributors. The filling out of this pre-disclosure will not formally trigger this process.
  6. In submitting the completed form by e-mail, please mark the message as “Confidential”. The subject must contain the words “Invention Disclosure”. All information contained here is confidential and will be treated as restricted.
  7. After receiving the complete disclosure form, NOVA should confirm the formal reception by e-mail to all the identified contributors to the object of disclosure. We will then invite these contributors for a meeting to collaborate in the due diligence process to accelerate the process.
  8. In case of multiple inventors/contributors, you must nominate a corresponding inventor, who will be our principal contact point over the process analysis.
  9. Along the way, together with the inventors/contributors, we will perform due diligences concerning legal, technological, and commercial aspects of the disclosure.
  10. Additional supporting material is encouraged and may be attached to this pre-disclosure.


Thank you for your cooperation!

(This question is mandatory)

1.1 Title

Provide a brief, descriptive title of the invention.


An inventor or contributor is an individual whose intellectual and creative input is an essential element of the invention or creation conceived either independently or jointly with others, or someone who has played an essential role in the embodiment of the invention or creation (also referred to as “technology contributor”). One person should be nominated as the principal contact and entered first in the list. All correspondence with, and questions for, the technology contributors will be addressed to the principal contact.

(This question is mandatory)

2.1.1 State all the technology contributors below.

Contributors from external organizations should also be listed here. In case of different contributions between the technology contributors, please fill the respective percentage below – otherwise the percentage of contribution and of potential revenue distribution will be equally distributed among the listed individuals (Article 18(5) of the NOVA’s IP Regulation).

(This question is mandatory)

2.1.2. Insert the Inventor's Point of Contact Data


Full Name
Institution (Affiliation)
Organic Unit/Department
Phone Number
(This question is mandatory)

3.1 Technical Field and Abstract of the Invention


Please provide a short abstract describing your invention and the technical field it belongs to, including confidential information. Try to answer to these questions: i) What it is; ii) What it does; iii) What it solves; iv) What will it be used for; v) How are you planning to take this idea forward?

Try to also include 3-7 keywords that someone in this field or industry would use to search for this type of technology.

(This question is mandatory)

4.1 Approximate date of the invention     

Date (month/year) of the conception of the invention or the beginning of project, without necessarily having proved that it would work or having built a prototype.

(This question is mandatory)

4.2 Current stage of the technology (Technology Readiness Level - TRL)

Please choose from the following options. You can check this document for reference.


A patent application must be filed before an oral, electronic, or printed publication is made available to the public. Publication means the first time any person, without restriction of confidentiality, would have been able to legally gain access to your description.

(This question is mandatory)

5.1 Have you disclosed, in writing or orally, anything related to this technology and, if so, when and what? List the citations by date of disclosure.

Tell us about the abstract, web pages, articles, posters, thesis/dissertations, press releases, or any oral disclosures, such as lectures, seminars, conference presentations, videos, relevant talks to external members or in general conversations, except where these activities were covered by a documented obligation of confidentiality. Please attach the disclosures to this file.

(This question is mandatory)

5.3 Have any details, or any part of the work been disclosed to the public?

Tick all that apply.

(This question is mandatory)

5.4 Have you already spoken with a NOVA Innovation Manager about this technology?


6.1 Observations

This is a free text field to write anything else you’d like us to know about regarding this technology.