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NOVA Technology Offer Form

The purpose of this template is to supply a common slate for researchers to provide information regarding their inventions to produce a technological offer – a commercially-oriented piece of information to be used for marketing purposes. 

The information herein provided will be used for the purposed of the development of marketing materials, web posts (e.g., NOVA Innovation Portal), and dissemination through our tools and resources (e.g.IN-PART).

Below are some guidelines to produce the best possible technological offer.

  • Describe the benefits of the technology over existing ones, highlighting the problem it solves.
  • Include a summary of the research, key points of differentiation, areas of applicability and publications.
  • Consider the questions that an industrial R&D team might ask and provide the answers.
  • Write complex scientific ideas and concepts into easily digestible summaries. 
  • The purpose of this summary is for an R&D professional to perform a quick, preliminary assessment of relevance against their current research priorities, and then a single solution will be presented for their more detailed R&D requirements.
  • Reduce text size by referring to documents, information and/or external links.
  • Mention the technological maturity stage (TRL) (see instructions here).
  • List and emphasize all the possible industrial applications.
  • For an invention to progress to become an innovation, it must be applied to create, or be implemented in, a product that has market appeal. This potential is key to decisions made by R&D teams to license a technology, or to collaborate with the university to further develop the innovation.
  • Provide, if possible, an indication of the competitive landscape, essential to make clear how a new advance offers technical benefits over currently available technologies.

Examples of effective summaries:




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